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i was still a child when you caught me

So I was on holiday in Denmark directly after mailing the book off on it's next great adventure, thus, it is only now that I present y'all guys with:
pigeon press final

So I had nooooo idea what I was going to do for my page, and time was running out. I went through like six different incarnations and songs and lyrics....they just weren't very inspired (and they were all blue, which is lovely but what allll the previous spreads had been centered in) AND THEN -
I opened to a spread totally totally blank except for the little black words in the center THE CHILD ALONE
et voila, inspiration.

The Childcatcher is the song that has always made the most impression on me of Patrick's. It's so, so disturbing, and horrible, and unflinchingly and harrowing - and when he does the different voices! - shivers.
I wanted a lot of red and black, very dark, so I scavenged about my room and then started off with a wash...
pigeon press in progress
In progress....

pigeon press injury
The kiddie scissors turned out to be much sharper than previously imagined. I ended up slicing a huge bloody gash right down the middle of my thumb :0(

Various bits:
Crying woman: I absolutely since childhood have loved this tragic illustration from the kid's book Catkin where the queen learns she's going to lose her child, and I thought it very fitting with the song as well.

Red stripey viola cutout: I scrapbook everything so I had a lot of nice papers lying about, and I also play the cello and so adore the fact that/the way that Patrick plays his traditionally classical instrument.

Scaredy-Patrick: This was actually a roller print from a set of woodcuts that I did with a sort of Little Red Riding Hood/Peter and the Wolf theme for my art class (guys, woodcuts take FOREVERRR) and had lying around. Colored with colored pencils, chopped off the wolf and forest.

Vellum words: Have definitions of 'Child' and 'Passage'. Right next to each other on the sheet, too, which was a rather creepy coincidence. I really wanted to keep the original "The Child Alone", so the translucent vellum was prefect.
The hearts came from the back of a Tegan and Sarah postcard thing.
The stained glass is from a photo of Le Sain-Chapel in France (I am probably mutilating that spelling).

pigeon press final
FINAL PRODUCT!! I am actually very proud and pleased with it, which is good :0)

sorry it took so long to post ...
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Beautiful! The scaredy-Patrick, as you put it, is an amazing image. And the velum on top of the other words is a really cool touch... especially with how the words lined up like that.

I thought those looked like Sainte Chapelle's windows! I love that place...
Oh dear, clearly my french skills are dreadfully lacking :O\
I know though, coming up those stairs up into the cathedrally room was breathtaking.
And thank you :D
Everything works together so very well! And I love the woodcut especially.
I'm SO glad you finally posted this! I was the next to get the book after you'd finished and I couldn't stop staring at your pages, so it's reeeally neat to hear the back story behind all of it.

I absolutely love the theme, and that woodcut is divine. Very, very nice work!
Oh wow, I really love it. It's really beautiful. :)
Simply love it.
Gorgeous. I love the woodcut. I just finished a linocut of Patrick so I know a woodcut can be tedious.

Great job.
2374893275 hours hunched over! repeatedly stabbing myself in the finger! gouging out important bits! i have no idea why i miss woodcutting so. :D
and thank you! Xx
Oh, love it! Very nice. xx
This is so amazing! I like the "RUN" at the bottom - it took me a long time to finally see it (in a medley of details, something has to evade), but when it suddenly stood out from the rest of the picture, it felt like your pages had the ghostly ability of generating new material. And the layered words, and the vellum!
It's ALIVE!! Haha. Actually I hated the "run" as soon as I put it in, so this is heartening to hear.
Thank you! Xx